PIPETEST AUSTRALIA PTY LTD specialize in material testing in the engineering field of Polyethylene HDPE Pipe, Fitting, Structural & pressure piping in Steel and composites .

We conduct testing to establish the quality and integrity of gas, water and all other forms of polyethylene pipelines and associated fittings. Whether for testing, product validation, or product development, we will work with you to maximize the value of your quality systems with testing and Quality Control on your next project.

PIPETEST AUSTRALIA is an independent Western Australian testing company with the latest in mechanical testing equipment, CNC machines, with all work carried out in house in a timely and cost effective client service with client strict client confidentiality maintained at all times.

We have an effective and efficient quality system which follows all the requirements of the AS/ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

Director/Owner Joe Parry has over 32 years’ experience in the engineering and construction industry.

Joe started as Engineering tradesman (Boilermaker First class welder) and gained an Engineering Diploma in Metallurgy & Composites as well as an Engineering Diploma in Non Destructive testing and Diploma in weld inspecting.

He has 10 years experience running and managing NATA accredited mechanical testing laboratories in the field of polyethylene materials and he has worked on projects all over Australia and Asia.

PIPETEST AUSTRALIA is a NATA-accredited facility. NATA accreditation is highly regarded both nationally and internationally as a reliable indicator of technical competence. The use of the NATA logo and use of a NATA endorsement on reports tells prospective and current clients that the facility has been assessed against best international practice.

Description of PIPETEST AUSTRALIA Services.

Mechanical testing polyethylene Pipe Butt fusion Welds.

PIPETEST AUSTRALIA offers testing services on polyethylene pipe, fitting assemblies for pressure applications from 20 mm -2000mm diameter pipelines.

*Tensile Testing –ISO 13953-Butt fusion welds

*Bend Testing –BS EN 12814-1-Butt fusion welds

*Peel Decohesion Testing –ISO 13954.-Electro Fusion socket welds.

*Crush Decohesion Testing –ISO 13955-Electro fusion welds.

*Tensile testing -HDPE Pipe/ stub flange testing. (steel HDPE Lining)

*ASTM D6392-12 –Test method integrity of non-reinforced geomembrane seams produced using thermo –fusion methods.

*Mechanical testing on engineering materials as per client specifications.

Quality Assurance services.

PIPETEST AUSTRALIA personnel have extensive experience in the manufacturing and engineering of polyethylene components and know what to look for in a good Quality Control and Quality Assurance systems and verify they comply.

Pipe & Fittings need to be inspected and tested to verify the components are fit for purpose in their application.

The manufactured fittings and pipes used in Australian projects are manufactured in Australia and imported from overseas countries and they are required to comply with Australian standard specifications.

*Pipe Manufacture Inspection and test plan Inspections as per standard requirements. --AS/NZS 4130 Pipes & AS/NZS 4131 Material.

*Fitting manufacture Inspection and test Inspections as per the standard requirement. --AS/NZS 4129 Fittings and Electro fusion couplings.

*Inspection and test Plan (ITP) compliance.

*Pipeline Insulation Projects QA/QC. (Pre start –Production –Commissioning )

     •HDPE Pipe Insulations.

     •Steel HDPE Lined Insulations.

     •HDPE Ocean Out fall pipeline.

     •Carbon Steel Visual welding Inspections.

     •As per AS/NZS 1554 –Structural steel welding –welding steel structures.

     •As per 3992-1998 Pressure Equipment –Welding & brazing.

     •Third party inspection as per project contract specifications.

*Supplier Inspections on all engineering components.

*HDPE Polyethylene Butt fusion welding procedure and Personnel qualifications testing.

*Overseas manufactures compliance Audits & Testing.

*Hydro Static Pressure Test Inspections.

*Existing Pipe line wear and erosion wall thickness Surveys.

Failure Analysis Service.

Failures occur in polyethylene pipe lines, with the fluids running through these pipelines (Water, Waste Water, Gas, Chemicals, mineral slurry) these are a very valuable commodity.

The environmental impact on failures in the processing and mining industry can have catastrophic affects and this needs to be prevented. This is where Testing and Quality Controls plays a major part in the installations of pipeline projects

PIPETEST AUSTRALIA does it simple: we solve plastic problems while keeping in mind your desire for practical, cost effective, timely solution. When solving plastic related problems it is critical to understand the complex properties in the plastic material and how it will behave when in operation and the environment to which it is subjected. Our knowledge of plastic material technology ensures our ability to solve your problems.

*Polyethylene components, Pipe and fittings.

*Engineering Components (Metallurgy and composites)

*Insurance investigations

Non Destructive Testing.

*Magnetic Partial Inspection.

*Liquid Penetrant Inspection.

*Ultrasonic Inspection.

*X-ray inspection.

*Visual Inspection.

*Earthmoving Machinery components NDT Testing.

Research & Development.

Research and Development (R&D) consists of investigative activities that a business chooses to conduct with the intention of making a discovery that can either lead to the development of new products or procedures, or to improvement of existing products or procedures. Research and development is one of the means by which business can experience future growth by developing new products or processes to improve and expand their operations and we supply testing to verify the Products.

*Polyethylene Components.

*Engineering Components.

*Safe work Procedures.

*Process work Procedures.

We also provide a service for making sure your next project runs well by verifying and calibrating the welding machines, qualifying the welding personnel and verifying welding parameters and procedures at the start of the project.

We can do all the inspections and testing leaving the client with confidence before the project start.

Other services provided

•Supply of quality Welding Machine Data Loggers that can be adapted to any welding machine to record Pressure and Heat welding traceability reports.

•HDPE Welding Machine Calibrations and services to all welding machines.

•Polyethylene Butt Welding Machine, Electrofusion machine, extrusion gun & liner welding machine Hire.

•Electrical Equipment Repairs, Test and Tagging.

•Welding Quality documentation design.

•Welding Personnel training with a registered RTO.