Mission Policy

Our company mission supports and guides our vision to achieve a business recognized in the profession as a leader in the practice of material testing and operates with the following principles.

We believe that if in every respect of the business we warrant high regard, then success, in both human and financial terms will follow.

Those involved with our vision. Customers, employees, bankers, suppliers, families and community.

• Our clients are our most important company asset and we are committed to satisfying their needs.

• Our company most important and valued resource is our trained and experienced professional, technical and support staff, and we will support our employee’s goals and needs.

• Our work will be performed using the highest standards in testing of materials and engineering with emphasis on quality, integrity, costs, and responsiveness and timeless.

• To create value and make a difference in the industry.

• Nurture a winning network of customers and suppliers together we create mutual enduring value.

• Work smart

• Remain responsive to industry changes.

• Occupational health and safety will be the first consideration in all company activity.

• To maintain good and safe working conditions, above industry norm, with an accent to cleanliness.

• To behave with integrity and honesty in all aspects dealing with customers.

• To provide where possible job satisfaction recognizing that the company is people.

• To expect high performance standards from employees.