Research and Development

Research and Development (R&D) consists of investigative activities that your business chooses to conduct with the intention of making a discovery that can either lead to the development of new products or procedures, or to improvement of existing products or procedures.

PIPETEST AUSTRALIA sees research and development as one of the means by which business can experience future growth by developing new products or processes to improve and expand their operations and we supply solutions and testing to verify the Products.

PIPETEST AUSTRALIA provide Research and development combining both basic and applied research, engineering aimed at discovering solutions to problems or creating new engineering products and knowledge.

Our Research and development personnel have extensive experience in all engineering materials and welding processes in polymers and steel components.

We have worked in all area of mining ,Nickel ,Gold ,Mineral sands ,Copper ,Iron Ore ,Aluminum ,oil ,gas and water utilities all over Australia and Asia.

Research and development is a very interesting part of the future and if PIPETEST Australia can help your process please give us a call.

We can help in the following areas.

     *Polyethylene Components and processes.

     *HDPE Lined steel pipelines and fittings.

     *Testing of new components

     *Any Engineering Components.

     *Safe work Procedures.

     *Process work Procedures.

     *Recycling plastic processes

     *Process and manufacturing machinery.