PIPETEST AUSTRALIA personnel have extensive experience in the manufacturing and engineering of polyethylene components as well a insulations on major pipelines and know what to look for in a good Quality Control and Quality Assurance systems and verify they comply.

Pipe & Fittings need to be inspected and tested to verify the components are fit for purpose in their application and follow the standard specifications.

The manufactured fittings and pipes used in Australian projects are manufactured in Australia and also imported from overseas countries therefore they are required to comply with Australian standard specifications and need to be verified.

     *Pipe Manufacture Inspection and test plan Inspections as per standard requirements. --AS/NZS 4130 Pipes & AS/NZS 4131 Material.

     *Fitting manufacture Inspection and test Inspections as per the standard requirement. --AS/NZS 4129 Fittings and Electro fusion couplings.

     *Inspection and test Plan (ITP) compliance.

     *Pipeline Insulation Projects QA/QC. (Pre start –Production –Commissioning).

     *Polyethylene HDPE Pipe Insulations Projects.

     *Steel pipe with polyethylene HDPE Lined Insulation projects.

     *Polyethylene HDPE Ocean Out fall pipeline.

     *Carbon Steel Visual welding Inspections.

     *As per AS/NZS 1554 –Structural steel welding –welding steel structures.

     *As per 3992-1998 Pressure Equipment –Welding & brazing.

     *Third party inspection & test plan audits as per project contract specifications.

     *Supplier Inspections on all engineering components.

     *HDPE Polyethylene Butt fusion welding procedure and Personnel qualifications testing.

     *Overseas manufactures compliance Audits & Testing.

     *Hydro Static Pressure Test Inspections.

     *Existing Pipe line wear and erosion wall thickness Surveys.

Why Use inspection ,There a saying when the cats away the mice will play .This suggests while no one is watching what is coming out the end of the production line ,there is no accountability and workers produce what they think is acceptable .

PIPETEST AUSTRALIA can do all your QA/QC requirements leaving the client with confidence in the project. Our QA/QC personnel have extensive experience working on projects all over Australia as well as major projects in Indonesia and Brunei.